Corporate Falconry Workshops

Offer your meeting guests a memorable intimate insights into the lives of raptors. By spending an evening with these unique birds and our staff, your attendees will leave having experienced an unforgettable hour. Check out our Corporate Falconry Workshops.

Private Demonstrations and Lessons


Do you want to create a memorable night for your employees or clients? Consider reserving the exceptional falconers and birds of prey provided by The Falconry Foundation.

Falconry Cocktail Hour

During your cocktail hour, falconers and birds will mingle with guests and talk about the natural history of the birds. They can discuss the history of falconry and conduct a flying demonstration if possible. We can staff indoor or outdoor events!

Private 1-Hr Demonstration

Don’t have time during your cocktail hour? Reserve a private lesson just for the members of your group. During this private hour, your guests will have a chance to spend time, in a small group setting with a falconer and several birds. Typically, your guests will have a chance to see hawks, falcons and owls at our flying field. After discussing the birds and their natural history, and viewing the birds in action, guests will have a chance to don a falconry glove and have their photo taken with one of our trained birds of prey.

Pricing and Availability

Give us a call at 719.471.6168 or shoot us an email for availability!

Falconry Cocktail Hour

Price: $1500++

Duration: 1 hour

Private 1 Hour Demonstration

Price: $1900++

Duration: 1 hour